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Scary stories

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My friend and me in the park.

Last week, I was going to the park with my friend.We ran in the park.We were sitting on the bench and eating sandwiches when there was a dog behind the tree. My friend fell from the bench when he looked at the dog. My friend was hidding behind the bench and phoning the police when the dog attacked my friend and me. The police arrived in the park and saved us.


Story by Denisa

Last week, I was jogging with my friend Amy. Then We stopped to eat on a bench, when a wolf barked. We were scared, and Amy was running while I was calling the Police. I guess the wolf was hungry, I was terrified.


A frightening travel

Last month, I was in the space shuttle. I landed on Mars. I was coming down in a space shuttle and I was very cold when a laser fell in front of me. I went to the big crater. I saw a giant battle between aliens. I was very afraid. I ran to the space shuttle and I came back to Earth. Oups ! My space shuttle wasn’t working anymore. Since then, I hate Mars !!


The boy and girl in the park

Last night, there was a boy and a girl who were running in the park .There were eating a sandwich on the bench.
Suddenly,there was a dog behind the tree. The dog was vicious. It ran at the boy and girl. The boy and girl were afraid when they saw the dog. The sandwich fell.
The boy phoned the police.The girl ran because she was afraid of the dog.The boy was behind the bench,and he was shaking.
The police arrived and caught the dog .The boy and girl were saved.


Yesterday, in the park :

Last night I was walking with my little dog when a very big dog attacked my little dog, I picked a stick and I hit the big dog.
The big dog was tired and it ran away.

Inès ;)

The dragon

Last night,when I was outside, I was looking at the sky. There was a dragon. I was holding a sword so I ran after him. I beheaded the dragon thanks to the sword. The dragon was dead


At the park

Yesterday,I was eating a big sandwich and a wolf looked at me. I was very scared. I ran and jumped on the tree. The wolf had big teeth. I waited, a policeman helped me and I got down.


Lucie and Julie

We were jogging when suddenly a dog barked.We ran during 20 minutes then we hid in bushes. We waited for the dog to go. We went back to our house.


The dangerous dog

Last week I was jogging with my friend when we stopped to eat a sandwich. Suddenly, we saw a very dangerous dog. I screamed and I ran, my friend called the police. The police arrived and they took the dog.


The serial killer in the forest

Last night, I went to a forest with my friends. We were jumping everywhere. Then, we heard a sound. It was a serial killer. We ran but he followed us. We hid in a bush and the serial killer didn’t see us. We were saved !



Last night, I was celebrating my brother’s birthday. There were a lot of people. The party was outside, the sky was magnificent because there were a lot of stars. During the party, we heard a strange and terryfying scream, we were terrorized. Finally it was my cousin who was playing AMNESIA and he had fainted.


Story by Bouchra

Last night, I was walking my dog in the park when I saw a fow. I ran to hide. I was petrified and I took my mobile out and I called the police. The police arrived and the fox went away. It was terrible.


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